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On this page, you will find all the information about how to get a library card, how to use it, and the services you can access.
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Library Cards

To get a library card, you must complete an application at the library and show documentation. You must be a resident, student, teacher, or business owner who lives, attends school, teaches, or owns a business in the City of Parkland in order to complete the application.

You will need the following documentation:

Residents (including students who live in Parkland) One photo ID:  Driver's license, learner's permit, or other photo identification
One proof of address:  Driver's license, learner's permit, utility bill, passport, or voter's registration ticket with a Parkland address
Parkland students who do NOT live in Parkland One proof of school attendance:  Report card, interim report, or school photo ID
One proof of parent/caregiver identification:  Driver's license or other photo ID
Parkland Teachers One proof of school identification
Parkland Business Owners One proof of business identification

Please note that a driver license and a learner's permit count as both a photo ID and a proof of address.

  • If you a resident or Parkland business owner your library card is free and expires every two years.
  • If you are a Parkland teacher your card expires every year. 
  • If you are a non-resident, Parkland student you will be required to pay an annual fee of $25.00, and the card expires once a year on August 15.
  • If you lose your card, you can obtain a new one for a $3.00 replacement fee
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​Loan Information
With a library card, you can loan, renew, and reserve materials, as well as get access to eBooks and other online materials.

You may rent up to 20 items, with a maximum of 5 DVDs (does not include online materials i.e. eBooks).


Library Materials

Loan Period 

Overdue Fines | Maximum Fine**

Common materials (i.e. books) 3 weeks  $0.25 per day | $5.00 maximum
New fiction collection 2 weeks $0.25 per day | $5.00 maximum
Book discussion group books 2 weeks $0.25 per day | $5.00 maximum
Magazines* 1 week $0.25 per day | $5.00 maximum
DVDs 1 week $0.25 per day | $10.00 maximum
eBooks and other online material  2 weeks No fines
*The newest periodicals and magazines cannot be loaned.
**The fines apply to each item that is borrowed.  If three books reach the maximum fine value, for example, the total is $15.00.

If you want to keep a material for more time, you can renew it for the same loan period (with the exception of online material i.e. eBooks).
  • To renew a material, you can log in to your account on the catalog (username: your library card number, password: the last four digits of the phone number you used to set up the card), click "My Account," and click "Renew" in the due date column for the book you want to renew.
    You can also call or email your request at (954) 757-4200 or
  • Note that if the item you want to renew is reserved by another patron, you cannot renew that item.
  • You can renew a material up to two times
If you want to ensure access to a particular book, you can reserve it while it is in the library on on loan.
  • Email and phone notifications are sent when the item becomes available.
  • To reserve a material, you can log in to your account on the catalog (username: your library card number, password: the last four digits of the phone number you used to set up the card), search for the material you want, click the check to the left of the material, and click reserve.
    You can also call or email your request at (954) 757-4200 or
Return Locations
Please return books and other borrowed physical materials to the following places:
  • Information Desk return slot
  • Drive-up book drop in the Library's north parking lot, open 24/7
Please do not place your donations in either location. Donations are accepted at the circulation desk during operating hours.

Items on Request (Inter-library Loans)
If we do not have the material you request, we will order it from another library and get it to you as soon as possible
  • You may call or email your request at (954) 757-4200 or You may also request the material in-person.
​Additional Services

Self Service Printing

  • Black-and-white:  $0.10 per page

Self Service Photocopying

  • Black-and-white:  $0.10 per page

Self Service Faxing

  • Local faxing (area codes include 954, 754, and 800):  $1 per page
  • Long-distance faxing:  $2 for the first page, and $1 for each consecutive page

Exam Proctoring

  • ​The library staff is available to proctor and provide a quiet space for examinations for students taking online courses. Exam materials can be sent to the library prior to the scheduled exam date. Parkland residents must pay a service fee of $10 per exam, and non-residents must pay a fee of $20 per exam. You may call or email your request at (954) 757-4200 or