Building Department

 Effective Immediately

Broward County requires that all commercial and residential reroofs must have the Statement
Response Regarding Asbestos upon submittal of permit applications.

Broward County issues a Statement of Responsibilities Regarding Asbestos (SRRA) Certificate of Submittal, which the applicant can apply for online through the ePermits website (, and in turn submits it to their municipality’s building department to apply for a renovation or demolition permit.  A SRRA Certificate of Submittal is required as part of the building permit application process in Broward County.  


Our mission is to safeguard the health, safety, and welfare of City residents and the business community through the enforcement of building codes and standards. To this end, we issue building permits based on approvals of plans for residential and commercial projects


The Building Department ensures that certified inspectors:
1. Perform the required inspections in structural, electrical, plumbing, and mechanical trades
2. Schedule and track inspections for the zoning, landscaping, engineering, and fire departments
3. Issue certificates of occupancy
This division also oversees the issuance of waste hauler registrations for the community.

Inspection Requests

Inspection requests & results are available through the ETRAKIT portal online (see the instructions below), To submit an online form requesting an inspection click here, or contact the building department at 954-753-5447.

Directions & Portal Access Information

Contractor & Public Electronic Permit Online Access Click Here
Contractor instructions for Etrakit Online System Click Here
For general public instructions for Etrakit Online System Click Here
You can check the status of a permit by using this system. If you need a login for the system, please contact the building department at 954-753-5447 to obtain a temporary password for your company.