Library Information

Mission Statement

Our mission is to enrich, inform, and connect the Parkland community through nurturing a lifelong love of reading and the value of libraries.

Core Services

Customer Relations

We ensure that every person using the library has a positive library experience by providing a friendly, knowledgeable staff to assist patrons and, when appropriate, assess their needs and locate materials to meet those needs.

Acquisition and Merchandising

The Parkland Library provides a current collection with sufficient copies of titles in high demand to ensure customer requests are met in a timely manner. We also provide an unbiased collection representing many points of view and embracing a variety of formats and technologies. Finally, we provide a collection organized to make items easy to find and merchandised to the public through the use of displays.


The library supports the development of skills necessary for continued enrichment for residents of all ages. The library also provides children's programming to promote a lifelong love of reading and to supplement the learning provided by the schools.

Special Events

Parkland Library provides high quality entertainment and informational programs for children and adults.


We supply technological tools to easily and conveniently meet the information needs of library customers.