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The Parkland Library has a wonderful selection of commissioned, donated, and loaned artwork on display for our visitors' enjoyment.

Monthly Art Display

The library hosts an Artist of the Month Exhibit. For information about being an exhibitor, call 954.757.4214.


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Artwork Information


World Trade Center Artifact?

Dedicated September 11, 2003
Shortly after the World Trade Center attacks on September 11, 2001, former mayor Robert Marks contacted New York City Mayor Rudy Guiliani about acquiring some pieces of the World Trade Center for use in Parkland municipal buildings. His goal was to show unity, the indomitable spirit of the American people, and that our commitment to freedom and democracy can never be destroyed. Just as libraries record the past and inspire the future, so the piece shown here records an event in history and reaches toward new beginnings.

Parkland artist Anthony Michael uses a sunrise for the background of a New York skyline mural as a symbol of each new day's promise at dawn in spite of what may have come the day before. The grid in the foreground resembles the lower floors of the Twin Towers. Because only a small number of other cities in the U.S. received similar artifacts, the Parkland Library is honored to be able to provide this rare public access. We do not know the original location of this piece of steel beam. 

Historical Documents

American flag
Art in the Library - Etched Window
Dedicated February 10, 2004
The window at the entrance to the Children's Room is a gift from the Parkland Friends of the Library. In keeping with Parkland's reputation as an environmentally friendly city, children are depicted reading under a large, spread-top tree. The etching was produced by Richard May from Glass Menagerie of Fort Lauderdale.

The quote seen in the window reads "A good book is the best of friends." Martin Farquahar Tupper (1810-1889), a best-selling British author of the nineteenth century, once stated this in his Proverbial Philosophy Series I (1838).  The quote is a fragment of the full statement:  "A good book is the best of friends, the same to-day and forever."

Sharing Brotherhood
This artwork is a gift from the Riverglades Elementary School PTA. The original drawing, with its multicultural theme, was created in 1997 for the school. A second version was purchased when the new library building was announced. The piece was framed with funds from the Parkland Friends of the Library




Two Children Reading On a Log
Marking the entrance to the library and continuing our theme of children enjoying books, this sculpture is a gift from the Parkland Friends of the Library. It was purchased in 2005 from Parkland resident Austin Rose of The Rose Garden in Dania Beach.