Multi-Use Room

The multi-use room in the current library is in the process of being gutted for remodeling and is no longer available. The library is unable to host any outside groups until all construction on both the new and existing sides is completed in February. Thanks for your understanding during this exciting time for the library.

Room Amenities

The Library offers multi-use room space for the residents of Parkland to host events. Amenities include:
  • Foldable tables and chairs
  • Kitchenette equipped with sink and counter space
  • Capacity for 45

Responsibilities and Fees

Persons using the multi-use room are responsible for cleaning the space and securing the room after use. Meetings may be held by reservation only for Parkland residents. Most groups will not be charged, but if a fee is required, it is $85 per hour.

View more information on the Multi-Use Room Reservations. The library multi-use room is entitled "large meeting room."

To schedule, email or call (954) 757-4200.