Advisory Board Expectations


While Parkland’s Advisory Boards are established by city ordinance or resolution, the City Commission allows each group to establish its own bylaws and rules of procedures. However, each Advisory Board is expected to adhere to the following:

  • All Advisory Board meetings are to be conducted in public session and noticed in accordance with State law, unless otherwise advised by Parkland’s City Attorney.
  • Individual board members and the collective group will be fair, impartial, and respectful of the public, staff, and each other.
  • Board members will respect the limitations of their individual and collective authority. The role of the Board is to advise the City Commission and/or staff. Please keep in mind that Board appointment does not empower you to supervise staff or to make final decisions (unless authorized by State law or the group’s enabling ordinance, or to supervise staff).
  • Members will strive to appreciate differences in approach and point of view, whether from each other, the community, the City Commission, or staff.
  • Each member will participate in the group’s discussions and work assignments without dominating the discussion or activity of the Board.
  • The Board Chair will ensure that all members have a fair, balanced, and respectful opportunity to share their knowledge and perspectives.
  • The Board will attempt to reach consensus on issues. If consensus is not possible, strong differing opinions such as minority opinions should be recorded and acknowledged in the Board’s report to the City Commission.
  • There should be no surprises from the Board either in the nature of the work being undertaken by the Board or the method and timing for conveyance of recommendations to the City Commission. The staff liaison fulfills an important role in assisting the Board in this regard.

Please be careful not to deliberate about Board work and issues via email or in unnoticed side meetings or gatherings as these actions may be in violation of open meeting laws. The City Attorney is available to consult with or provide advice to Boards in this regard and on any other legal issue.