How Trees Can Be Beneficial to Your Property

Approved Plants
Learn more about these approved plants for general landscaping.

Palm Trees
View the Approved Palm Tree List here.

Shade Trees
View the Approved Shade Tree List here.

View the Approved Shrub List here.
A minimum of 40% of the required shrubs per lot must be of native species. A designation of (H) by a species indicates that the species may be used to satisfy minimum landscape requirements for hedge material.

Small Trees
View the Approved Small Tree List here.

Nuisance Plants
Several Category I invasive species of plants are recognized by the City of Parkland as nuisance plants. View the Nuisance Plant List for more information on each species that may be growing on your property.

Category I & II Invasives
Invasive exotics, as determined by the Florida Exotic Pest Plant Council, that are altering native plant communities by displacing native species, changing community structures or ecological functions, or hybridizing with natives. This definition does not rely on the economic severity or geographic range of the problem, but on the documented ecological damage caused. Definitions:

  • Invasive exotic: An exotic that not only has naturalized but is expanding on its own in Florida plant communities and causing deleterious effects to native habitat.
  • Exotic: A species introduced to Florida, purposefully or accidentally, from a natural range outside of Florida.
  • Naturalized exotic: An exotic that sustains itself outside cultivation (it is still exotic; it has not "become" native)
  • Native: A species whose natural range included Florida at the time of European contact (1500 A.D.).

Nuisance Species List

Is a permit required to remove a tree, palm or hedge?
Yes, a permit is required to remove a tree.

  • No person, organization, society, association, or corporation or any agent or representative thereof, directly or indirectly, shall clear land, cut down, destroy, or move or effectively destroy through damaging any tree which has attained a caliper dimension of at least two inches and is situated on property described above without first obtaining a permit as herein provided.
  • A tree removal penalty fee of $500 shall be charged for each tree removed without a permit.
  • This fee shall be in addition to any other remedy available to the city pursuant to this section.

What type of tree does not require a tree removal permit?
View the Nuisance Plant List to see the species that are exempt from regulations regarding removal.