Sponsorship and Donation Opportunity

The City of Parkland offers numerous opportunities for promoting your business while giving back to the community and making a difference in one of Florida’s top communities.  Partnering with the City of Parkland will give your business or organization the opportunity to be associated with high quality programs that engage participants of all ages and abilities.  The City of Parkland has a sponsorship package for your business that may include your businesses logo and link on the City of Parkland’s website, ability to distribute promotional products at events, your logo on City banners, marketing materials, email blasts, e-newsletters, and more. 

Special Event Sponsorships

All Special Event Sponsorship opportunities now through September 30th, 2024 can be found in our sponsorship packet here.  For more information on how to sponsor City of Parkland programs and events or to submit an application, please contact our Special Events Department at ParklandEvents@cityofparkland.org or 954.757.4107.

Athletic Banner Sponsorships

All Banner Sponsorship opportunities can be found in our sponsorship packet here. For more information on our banner sponsorship program at our athletic facilities please submit an application and contact our Athletics Department at ParklandAthletics@cityofparkland.org or 954.757.4104. 

Veterans Park Brick Donation Program

The City of Parkland presents residents with an opportunity to leave a lasting legacy or honor a loved one or friend by purchasing a personalized brick that will be displayed at Veterans Park.  Bricks may be purchased at a cost of $100 per brick and  you  may use UP TO THREE (3) LINES, with each line containing a MAXIMUM OF 25 CHARACTERS (including spaces).

For more information or to purchase your brick, please contact Marcela Madigan at 954.757.4170.

Commemorative Tree Program

In addition to sponsorship opportunities for your business Commemorative Trees may be planted in Parkland in memory or in honor of a person or persons. To learn more about how you may commemorate or honor someone contact Marcela Madigan at 6600 University Drive Parkland, FL. 33067 or at 954.757.4170.

Bench Program

Along with commemorative trees, the City of Parkland also offers a city-wide Bench Program for those who wish to honor a loved one or celebrate a special occasion such as a birth, marriage, anniversary, military service, or passing.  By participating in this program, community members can purchase and designate a tree, bench, plaque, OR rock, engraved to honor their loved one(s) or special occasion while supporting the beautification of our wonderful city parks.  

To learn more about our Bench Program or for pricing, quote, and renderings questions, please contact Marcela Madigan at 954.757.4170.

Fence Picket Program

The city invites Parkland residents and businesses to buy custom fence pickets in Liberty Park and create a lasting legacy for the park users. This opportunity is exclusive to Parkland community members. To learn more about our Fence Picket Program, please contact Marcela Madigan at 954.757.4170.