Pavilion Rentals

Available Pavilions

Pavilion Rental Information

(1) Do you have to be a Parkland resident in order to reserve the pavilion?

Yes. Pavilions within City parks are open to all Parkland residents for use during weekdays with no reservation required. However, to ensure exclusive use of a pavilion during a weekday, a reservation is required. For all weekends and City Holidays, reservations are still required for any resident to utilize a pavilion.

(2) How do I go about reserving a pavilion?

If you wish to make a pavilion reservation, please call (954) 757-4105 to check on availability of a pavilion. In order to reserve a pavilion you must come in to the Parks and Recreation Office located in the Amphitheater building at Pine Trails Park and pay for your reservation and sign the permit. Reservations can only be made with full payment. You can check on pavilion availability through the WebTrac system.

(3) How soon can I reserve a pavilion?

Reservations can be made for any period the facility is available, but not more than six (6) months in advance or less than four (4) days prior to event.

(4) Is there a fee to reserve a pavilion?

Yes, the fees are as follows:
  • Liberty Park is $120.00 for 4 hours.
  • The Equestrian Center at Temple Park is $145.00 for 4 hours.
  • Terramar Park is $95.00 for 4 hours.
  • Pine Trails Parks is $70.00 for 4 hours.
We accept checks, Visa, Mastercard or cash. Check should be made payable to The City of Parkland.

(5) What are the hours that the pavilions are available for rental?

We reserve two parties a day at the pavilions. The hours that the pavilions can be reserved are from 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM or from 2:00 PM to 6:00 PM.

(6) What is the capacity of each pavilion?

At the Equestrian Center at Temple Park the capacity is roughly 62 people, at Terramar Park it is 52 people, Pine Trails Park it is 30 people and at Liberty Park it is 42 people.

(7) There are smaller pavilions in the parks, could they be rented as well?

We only reserve the largest pavilions in our parks. The smaller ones may be utilized on a first come/first serve basis.

(8) Are there barbecues in the pavilions?

Yes. Only in the large pavilions that are available for rental.

(9) What happens if there is a thunderstorm during the time the pavilion is rented?

All of the parks are equipped with a Thor Guard Warning System. Once it is activated when a storm approaches, residents are asked to wait in their vehicles until the weather clears and the “All Clear Signal” sounds. Each permit has a park lightning policy attached to it to advise you further on what to do.

(10) Do we get reimbursed in case the event is rained out?

No refunds will be given under any circumstances. Rain checks will be given if event is rained out within the first two (2) hours of reserved time and is approved by the Park Ranger’s office. Rain checks must be used with one (1) year of the original date of the reservation.

(11) Is alcohol allowed in the parks?


(12) Are vendors allowed at the parks?

The only parks that we allow vendors are at Liberty Park and the Equestrian Center at Temple Park (such as bounce houses, petting zoos, DJs, etc.). All vendors must supply the City of Parkland with a certificate of liability insurance adding The City of Parkland as an additional insured party. All certificates of insurance must be received a minimum of 4 days before your party date. You must notify the City of your intent to have a vendor at the time of reservation and the City will inform you where those items can be placed.

(13) Are there any instructions on what to do after a party in the pavilion?

When vacated, the facility shall be returned in the same condition as received. The City asks that you bring extra garbage bags, which then can be left by the receptacles for Public Services to come and dispose of them.