More Information About City Advisory Boards

City Advisory Board Vacancies

The City Commission seeks City residents interested in serving as a Board Member to fill vacancies on the following Boards:

To learn more about the Advisory Boards, please refer to the city website at; or contact the City Clerk’s office at 954.757.4132.  If interested, please submit an application by December 3, 2020.  The applications can be found on the city website.

About the City of Parkland Advisory Boards

The City of Parkland has a long history of encouraging citizen comment and involvement. Informally, citizens and groups; share perspectives and advice with individual Commissioners and the City Commission as a whole via phone calls, email, personal contacts, and letters. Formally, the City sponsors community forums and public hearings throughout the year on specific issues and as part of regular decision-making processes, and the City Commission has established several advisory boards to provide advice on key issues. 

Purpose and Responsibilities

There are numerous advisory boards which assist the City Commission by providing recommendations on various policy issues. Their tasks vary greatly - recommending land use, enforcing City codes, acting as review boards, and becoming involved with many other important aspects of community concern. However, the primary purpose of an advisory board is to provide well-thought-out advice, from a citizen’s perspective, to the City Commission.

Advisory board activities may include study of critical issues, hearing public testimony, independent research, and reviewing staff reports and recommendations; all of which is intended so that the advisory board is prepared to discuss, formulate, and forward well-developed and thoughtful recommendations to the City Commission in a timely manner. The City Commission expects to receive recommendations from advisory boards that reflect the individual and collective knowledge and thinking of the board, particularly from a citizen’s perspective.

For additional information, please contact the City Clerk at 954.757.4132.