About the Planning and Zoning Advisory Board

The Local Planning Agency of the City

Pursuant to Section 163.3167 of the Florida Statutes, the Planning and Zoning Advisory Board of the City of Parkland is designated and established as the local planning agency of the City. Article II of Chapter 13 of the Parkland Code establishes the criteria of the Planning and Zoning Advisory Board.

The Board is comprised of seven members and two alternates appointed by the City Commission. Board members absent more than two regularly scheduled meetings shall be deemed to have vacated their position. The vacancy is placed on the next City Commission Agenda for appointment. A quorum of the Board consists of four members. A recommendation for approval to the City Commission shall obtain a majority vote of the Board. When an item being considered receives a tie vote, the recommendation is for denial.


The Planning and Zoning Advisory Board is responsible for making recommendations to the City Commission on the following items: site plans, plats, and land development ordinances. The Board also serves as the local planning agency in dealing with rezoning of property.

Powers and Duties

The board shall have the following powers and duties:
  • It shall serve as the local planning agency of the City and in the same manner and to the extent provided by Section 163.3161 et seq., F.S., and amendments thereto.
  • It shall review and thereafter submit to the Commission with recommendations thereon proposals initiated by itself or by others for changes in the zoning regulations or in the official zoning map of the City.
  • It shall review plats of land subdivisions lying wholly or partially within the City prior to submittal of the plats to the Commission for its approval, under the established procedures for plat approval, prior to recordation; and the Board shall transmit its recommendations regarding such plats to the Commission prior to final decision by the Commission.
  • On its own initiative or when requested to do so by the Commission, the Board shall report to the Commission its findings and/or recommendations pertaining to any matter within the purview of comprehensive planning for the development and/or improvement of the City.
  • To serve as a site review committee and submit its recommendations to the Commission.
  • The Board shall perform such other duties as may be assigned to it from time to time by the Commission, by ordinance, or otherwise.