Roundabouts in Parkland

Parkland residents are familiar with roundabouts as they have driven through them for many years at the intersection of Holmberg Road and Riverside Drive and the intersection of Holmberg Road and Parkside Drive. Construction on the roundabout at University Drive and Old Club Road at the entrance to the Parkland Golf and Country Club (PGCC) was completed in December 2021. In addition, a roundabout at Hillsboro Boulevard and Everglades Way in the new Falls at Parkland development was recently completed. As part of the Loxahatchee Road (Lox) project that will start in the next few years, there will be three additional roundabouts added: Lox-Nob Hill Road, Lox-University Drive, and Lox-Parkside Drive.

Increasing safety, improving traffic flow, and aesthetics are among the benefits of roundabouts. For information on the many advantages of roundabouts and how to navigate them as a motorist, bicyclist, or pedestrian, see the information below. Immediately below is information specific to the roundabouts currently under construction in the City of Parkland.

Roundabout Theme for Loxahatchee Road

As we move closer toward the makeover of Loxahatchee Road, we are considering design themes for roundabouts that will be located at the intersections of Loxahatchee Road and Parkside Drive, Loxahatchee Road and University Drive, and Loxahatchee Road and Nob Hill Road. View information on the roundabout theme for Loxahatchee Road.

University Drive and Old Club Road Roundabout

Following an online resident vote on conceptual designs for the center feature of the roundabout, a fountain feature was selected to dovetail with the entrance to PGCC. This roundabout was completed in December 2021 and blends nicely with the surrounding area while eliminating the three-way stop intersection. It is expected that traffic will flow more easily through this area as a result of the addition of this roundabout. 

Everglades Way and Hillsboro Boulevard Roundabout

The Falls at Parkland is a new community under development immediately west of Parkside Drive and immediately south of Lox Road. As a condition of developing the community, Ryan Homes / Parkland Centerline was required to extend Hillsboro Boulevard west of Parkside Drive. Along this stretch of Hillsboro Boulevard is a roundabout at Hillsboro’s intersection with a new street, Everglades Way.

How to Use a Roundabout

To navigate through a single lane roundabout: reduce your speed to 10-15 mph as you approach the roundabout. Be aware of bicyclists and pedestrians, look left for oncoming traffic (traffic moves counter-clockwise), yield to vehicles already in the roundabout, wait for a gap and enter. DO NOT STOP in the roundabout, do not pass other vehicles, and use your turn signal to exit the roundabout to the right. Yield to pedestrians crossing the exit lane and always allow emergency vehicles to pass.

Learn how pedestrian, bicyclists, and motorists together can safely use roundabouts by viewing this informational video from The Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT). View frequently asked questions about roundabouts.

View information on roundabout rules and safety from the U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Highway Administration.

For information on any project, contact the City Engineering Department at 954.757.4165