Loxahatchee Road Improvements

Loxahatchee Road Improvements

The reconstruction of Loxahatchee Road is a large-scale collaboration between the City of Parkland (City), Broward County, the Broward Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO), and the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT). The project will span the entire length of Loxahatchee Road and, at this time, is expected to begin sometime in 2023.

This project will be a complete makeover of the road through its entire span. Travel lanes will be widened to 11 feet, there will be bike lanes in both directions, a sidewalk along the south side of the road, and much of the roadway will have a landscaped median that will not only provide traffic calming, but will add a Parkland feel to the road. Additionally, there will be LED street lights along the entire length of Loxahatchee Road. The vision is to create a safe, bright, aesthetically-pleasing passage from east to west in Parkland.

FDOT informed the City the start date may be delayed due to funding changes. The City has set out to coordinate with the Broward MPO and FDOT to determine an accurate timeline and explore alternatives to make it as favorable as possible. While the City does not control the administration of this project, City staff are making every effort to ensure the best plan for the City of Parkland. 

For the latest updates from FDOT, please visit https://bit.ly/3vDZk6G.

For information on any project, contact the City Engineering Department at 954.757.4165