Street Lighting Project

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The City of Parkland (City) adopted a city-wide plan for street lighting in 2013. Since then, the City, along with Florida Power and Light (FPL) and Broward County (County), has illuminated Loxahatchee Road, University Drive from Holmberg Road to Loxahatchee Road, and Nob Hill Road from Heron Bay Boulevard to Hillsboro Boulevard.

On all individual street light projects, the City is required to follow a multi-step process: design of underground infrastructure and light pole location, obtain authorization from Broward County, and install underground infrastructure—including conduits and junction boxes.

Once that process is complete, and FPL develops an agreement with the City to install and turn on the lights, it takes approximately four months for FPL to order and receive the materials. Then FPL submits a Maintenance of Traffic plan to the County, obtains a County permit, then begins construction.

Therefore street lighting projects in Parkland require approval from Broward County as the majority of the roadways in the City are owned by the County.

Below is a map of current and proposed street lights throughout the City of Parkland: 6-25- 2019 Street Lighting Map

For more information regarding street lighting contact City Engineer Enelise Michaels, 954-757-4184 or

Picture of footer banner for webpage Parkland Street Lighting Project