Stormwater Utility Fee

In 2022 KEITH, a Florida-based engineering firm, and CDM Smith, a global privately-owned engineering and construction firm, conducted a thorough independent assessment of stormwater management within the City of Parkland (City).  The study included an analysis of the City’s stormwater management, stormwater operations, and stormwater maintenance.  It also included consideration of future improvement to levels of service and the associated costs associated with those.  The study found, among other things, that . . .   

  • Stormwater services in the City are complex as they are the responsibility of multiple parties including the North Springs Improvement District, the Pine Tree Water Control District, private property owners, homeowners’ associations, and the City.  The delineation of these service providers was a critical component of the assessment in ensuring accuracy of any future billing to property owners.    
  • Limited resources have impacted the City’s ability to implement the necessary capital improvement projects.
  • Resources allocated for the implementation of mandated regulatory programs have enabled the City to achieve only minimum regulatory compliance.
  • Limited resources have prevented the City from pursuing a proactive maintenance and repair program to improve the condition and effectiveness of stormwater infrastructure.  This underserves the system as maintenance is performed on an as-needed or emergency basis.  

Considering the items above, the study concluded that the City’s grade for its stormwater management ranges from a C- to a D+.  This grade is indicative of a program that is generally reactive and has only minimal capacity to implement needed improvements.  

This has resulted in the recommendation that the City implement a Stormwater Utility Fee.  This would be a non-ad valorem, fee-based stormwater funding program that would appear on residents’ tax bill.  This requires it to pass two “readings” before the City Commission, an established preliminary amount for the fee, an established final amount for the fee, and a final vote of the City Commission to approve the fee.  If it passes each of those benchmarks, the fee would appear on Parkland residents tax bill in November 2023.  Below is the timeline to establishment of the Stormwater Utility Fee.

Wednesday, May 17, 2023:          Ordinance voted on by the City Commission (first reading)

Wednesday, June 7, 2023:            Ordinance voted on by the City Commission (second reading)

Wednesday, July 12, 2023:           Establishment of preliminary rate at City Commission meeting

Wednesday, Sept. 13, 2023:       Establishment of final rate at City Commission meeting

Each of the four above benchmarks are City Commission meetings at which members of the public are permitted—and encouraged—to make public comment on the subject matter.  If you wish to make public comment, you may do so by appearing in-person at a City Commission meeting and signing up to speak.  If you prefer to not attend the meeting, you may make your public comment a part of the record by e-mailing and include your name, address, and the date of the meeting for which you want to provide comment.