The City of Parkland Brand: Our Unique Story

Parkland Logo With Tagline

Why did the City of Parkland develop a brand?
The City of Parkland (City) is more than a geographical marker on a map. Like a member of our community, Parkland has storied beginnings and a distinct personality. For many, it is the launching pad for the moments that mean the most to our residents, families, and friends. Just like a person, the City of Parkland has a distinct characteristic that we value and hold up as a defining quality.

Our brand is not just about a logo or tagline. It is about creating a forward-looking visual identity that honors our history and informs our future as a vibrant community that continues to flourish and find value in shared experiences. Our brand will equip the City with the tools to communicate and label municipal activities, assets and amenities, as well as celebrate the aspects of Parkland that our community enjoys. The City of Parkland is our home. Our brand represents our unique story.

The City of Parkland Seal
The City of Parkland’s timeless seal tells the story of our thriving environment and pastoral backdrop. It will remain a part of the City’s historical identity. As a city that has learned and grown together in many ways over the years, we value our history. For this reason, the City of Parkland is committed to preserving and honoring the City seal, which will coexist with the new brand and logo.

The brand will not replace the city seal. Each will serve in complementary capacities. The seal will continue to be used on official documents and will be visible at certain government locations to honor the City’s origin and history.

Parkland city seal

What Did The Branding Process Entail?
In the spring of 2022, the City of Parkland began a process to determine the City’s first brand identity and message that would reflect the energy and ethos of the residential and business communities, the municipal government, and the long-term strategic vision of the City. While it was impossible to talk to all 35,000 residents, the branding process was an immersive, inclusive, and carefully executed research-driven initiative.

At the onset of the process, we contacted a significant number of Parkland residents, community members, city employees, and stakeholders. These participants provided insight on the City’s qualities, such as reputation, attitudes, strengths, and weaknesses, to name a few.

The process included one-on-one interviews, virtual and in-person focus groups, in-depth surveys and a community website inviting everyone to seek more information to ensure a variety of perspectives were received and considered. Findings from this research provided a number of insights, which informed the development of the City’s brand identity, color palette, logo, and tagline.

How and Where Will the Brand Be Used?
Branding for the City of Parkland will be used across a variety of materials and channels, including the City’s website, social media, and on apparel, brochures, banners, signage, and more. The new color palette, tagline, brand narrative and logo will be used for a range of audiences for educational, promotional, and informational purposes. It will serve as a way of telling the story with an eye toward our opportunities and future.