City of Parkland Traffic Impact

Below are current significant impacts to traffic within the City of Parkland (City). Entries on this page are known to the City and planned, this page does not include traffic impacts that result from traffic accidents or unexpected occurrences.

Southbound University Drive at Sawgrass Expressway

On August 5, 2020 the Florida Turnpike Authority completed installation of a Dynamic Message Sign along the southbound lanes of University Drive just north of the entrance to the Sawgrass Expressway.  This sign replaces an older, smaller message board.  Additional work is needed before the new sign is operational--which is expected by mid-September 2020.

Intersection of University Drive and Hillsboro Boulevard

The developer for the charter school being constructed on the northwest corner of the intersection of University Drive and Hillsboro Boulevard is conducting work on the roadway, turning lanes, and sidewalks in that area.  As the work continues, there will be periodic single lane closure required from time-to-time.  These disruptions are expected to be minimal and utilize flag persons when necessary.  The developer expects the charter school project to be complete by Fall 2020.  As always, proceed with caution through the area and obey flag person commands.

Traffic Signal: Nob Hill Road-Hillsboro Boulevard

The traffic signal at the intersection of Nob Hill Road and Hillsboro Boulevard became fully operational on July 29, 2020--ahead of the expected completion date of end of Summer.  While additional detail work may be needed in the area, the signal is expected to remain fully operational throughout.  

Mecca Boulevard Sidewalk Repair

On June 11, 2020, crews began repairing the sidewalk along the west side of Mecca Boulevard from U.S. Highway 441 / State Road 7 to Hillsboro Boulevard. This process will continue for several weeks and result in periodic temporary single lane closures. It is anticipated the impact to traffic will be minimal and not result in substantive delays.