Doing Business with the City of Parkland

Thank you for your interest in doing business with the City of Parkland.  The City of Parkland is dedicated to the goals of competition and fairness. Our goal is to ensure that the Citizens of Parkland receive the optimum value for every expenditure. Towards that goal, we encourage all vendors to participate in doing business with the City of Parkland.


The City of Parkland works with vendors that provide supplies, services, and construction to the City.  The City adheres to Public Procurement Values and Guiding Principles to ensure that every company receives the opportunity to offer goods and services, and that every bid is fairly evaluated for the benefit of the City of Parkland and its residents.
The City of Parkland utilizes electronic on-line services for notification and distribution of its solicitation documents. The City's solicitation information can be obtained free of charge from Vendor Registry. This is one of the on-line vendor registration programs that the City utilizes. Solicitations documents can be downloaded from the website at no charge; however, prospective vendors must complete a one-time initial on-line registration process to obtain this free automatic notification.

The City also utilizes the on-line services of DemandStar by Onvia (www.demandstar.com) to post its larger projects. DemandStar generally charges a fee to its member for their services. If you are interested in receiving free notifications solely for the City of Parkland's solicitation documents, please contact them directly at supplierservices@onvia.com or 1-800-575-1736 with your request.

DemandStar by ONVIA
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Vendor Registration 

The City of Parkland, through our partner Vendor Registry, maintains an online list of vendors interested in doing business with the City.  This list will be used for sending automatic email notifications about business opportunities to prospective vendors. 

While the City's automated system attempts to notify registered vendors when solicitation opportunities arise, the City is NOT responsible for notifications but only for the posting of solicitations.  Please visit the website regularly for current information on solicitations and awards.

To register as a new vendor with the City, please complete the Vendor Registration form.  Updates to your vendor profile can be made through this form as well.

The below documents will be required before a purchase order or contract can be issued to the awarded vendor:

    1. Copy of Current Business License
    2. Certificate of Insurance
    3. IRS Form W-9