New Material Lists


After that night /Slaughter, Karan.

California golden / Benjamin, Melanie.

Canary girls/ Chiaverini, Jennifer.

Clark and Division / BOOK 1 / Japantown Mysteries / Hirahara, Naomi.

Cursed at dawn / Graham, Heather

Dark corners / Goldin, Megan.

Dead fall / Thor, Brad.

Dead fall :a thriller (Large Print) / Thor, Brad.

Everything's fine / Rabess, Cecilia. 

Family lore / Acevedo, Eliza.

Fifth Avenue glamour girl /Rosen, Renée.

Finally mine / Score, Lucy.

Fourth wing / Yarros, Rebecca.

Gone tonight /Pekkanen, Sara...

Good bad girl / Feeney, Alice.

Happiness / Steel, Danielle.

Happiness /Steel, Danielle

Hope / Ridker, Andrew.

Horse /Brooks, Gerald.

Just another missing person / McAllister, Gillian.

Learned by heart / Donoghue, Emma.

Lion & Lamb / Patterson, James.               

Maureen / Joyce, Rachel.                                  

Murder on mustang beach /Bessette, Alice.

My roommate is a vampire /Levine, Jenna.

None of this is true/ Jewell, Lisa.

On fire island / Rosen, Jane L.

Only the beautiful /Meissner, Susan.

Out of nowhere / Brown, Sandra.

Pineapple Street / LARGE PRINT /Jackson, Jenny.

Pretend you're mine /Score, Lucy.

Prom Mom / Lippman, Laura.

Rock bottom /Michaels, Fern.

Snow crash / Stephenson, Neal

Somebody's fool / BOOK 3 / North Bath Trilogy / Russo, Richard.

Someone you trust /Ryan, Rachel.

Talulah's back in town /Novak, Brenda.

Tastes Like Shakkar / Sharma, Nisha.

The bone hacker / Reichs, Kathy.

The bookbinder / Williams, Pip.

The breakaway / Weiner, Jennifer. 

The Collector / LARGE PRINT / BOOK 23 / Gabriel Allon/ Silva, Daniel.

The Connellys of County Down / Lange, Tracey.

The coworker /McFadden, Freida.

The day that changed everything / Miller, Catherine.

The fifth mountain / Coelho, Paulo.

The five wishes of Mr. Murray McBride / Siple, Joe.

The Heaven & Earth Grocery Store / McBride, James.

The house is on fire / Beanland, Rachel.

The inmate / McFadden, Freida.

The invisible hour / Hoffman, Alice.

The keeper of hidden books / Martin, Madeline.

The murders at Fleat House / Riley, Lucinda.

The Paris assignment / Bowen, Rhys.

The second life of Mirielle West / Skenandore, Amanda.

The secret book of Flora Lea / Henry, Patti C.

The trade off / Jones, Sandie.

The violin conspiracy / Slocumb, Brendan.

Tides of fire / Rollins, James.

Tom Lake / Patchett, Ann,


AIRBNB Business Now & Unlock Greater Opportunities / Monne, Revit.

Airbnb: Manage Short-term Vacation Rental Investing / Carter, Douglas.

Deerfield Beach: The Land and Its People / Ling, Sally J.

Epic road trips of the Americas / Balfour, Amy C.

Lighter / Yung Pueblo.

Options trading /Duarte, Joe,

Starting a business all-in-one /Allen, Kathlee.

The Biden malaise/ Strassel, Kimberly.

The escape artist /Freedland, Jon.

The lemon tree /Tolan, Sandy.

Ultimate Guide to Selling on Etsy: How to Turn Your Shop Side Hustle into a Business /Chen, Sophia.

Who's in your room? / Emery, Stewart.


A drinking life: a memoir / Hamill, Pete

Eliza Hamilton / Mazzeo, Tilar.

Fatherland / Bilger, Burkhard. 

Laughing through the ugly cry / Barton, Dawn.

The boy from block 66 / Regev, Limor.

Young Adult 

83 days in Mariupol /Brown, Don.

Better than the movies /Painter, Lynn.

Crime and punishment /Miller, Robin.

Get a life, Chloe Brown/ Hibbert, Talia.

Highly suspicious and unfairly cute /Hibbert, Talia.

House of Marionne /Elle, J.

Little women / Alcott, Louisa.

One of us is back / McManus, Karen.

Paper Planes (Graphic Novel) / Wood, Jennie.

Rosewood/ DasGupta, Saya.

The brothers Hawthorne /Book 4 /The Inheritance Game / Barnes, Jennifer.

The stranded /Viner-Daniels.



Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania  

MAY Maybe I do Vertical 

Mission : impossible/ 6 movie collection 


Teen beach movie  

The last laugh