New Material Lists

If you like to read the most recently published books, you can view just the latest arrivals. Updated every 30 days, these lists provide the materials received by the Library during the previous month. 

April 2023

Fiction Books

Bad, bad Seymour Brown / Isaacs, Susan 

By invitation only / Frank, Dorothea Benton

Camp zero / Sterling, Michelle Min  

Dark angel (Large Print) / Sandford, John 

Dark Angel / Sandford, John 

Dirty laundry / Bose, Disha

Enter ghost / Hammad, Isabella 

Fresh water for flowers / Perrin, Valerie 

Gilded mountain / Manning, Kate

Happy place / Henry, Emily 

How the penguins saved Veronica / Prior, Hazel

I'll stop the world / Thoman, Lauren 

Kantika / Graver, Elizabeth 

Mothered / Stage, Zoje

Must read well / Pall, Ellen 

My heart will find you / Deveraux, Jude 

Pineapple Street / Jackson, Jenny 

Return to Sullivan's Island / Frank, Dorothea Benton

Romantic comedy / Sittenfeld, Curtis 

Saturday night at the Lakeside Supper club / Stradal, J. Ryan 

Shadow of death / Graham, Heather 

Simply lies / Baldacci, David 

Simply lies (Large Print) / Baldacci, David 

Small mercies / Lehane, Dennis 

Someone else's shoes (Large Print) / Moyes, Jojo,

Sunrise Cove Inn / Winters, Katie 

Symphony of secrets / Slocumb, Brendan 

The 23rd Midnight / Patterson, James 

The covenant of water / Verghese, Abraham 

The flames / Haydock, Sophie 

The golden doves / Kelly, Martha Hall   

The house of Wolves (Large Print) Patterson, James 

The Housemaid's Secret / McFadden, Freida 

The lines between us / D'Harlingue, Rebecca 

The man I never met / Cook, Elle

The only survivors / Miranda, Megan 

The rescue / Parker, T. Jefferson 

The seaside library / Novak, Brenda 

The shell collector / Naigle, Nancy

The Society of Shame / Roper, Jane

The soulmate / Hepworth, Sally 

The Soulmate (Large Print) / Hepworth, Sally 

The trackers / Frazier, Charles 

The Way of the Bear / Hillerman, Anne 

The wife and the widow / White, Christian 

Things I wish I told my mother / Patterson, Sue

Verity / Hoover, Colleen 

Where are the children now? / Clark, Mary Higgins 

Nonfiction Books

A fever in the heartland / Egan, Timothy

Autism & education / Grandin, Temple 

Chip war / Miller, Chris

Demagogue for president / Mercieca, Jennifer R 

Plantifully lean / Nelson, Kiki

Walk the Blue Line (Large Print) / Patterson, James 

Walk the blue line / Patterson, James


Paris / Hilton, Paris

Young Adult 

Nine liars / Johnson, Maureen 

Nineteen eighty-four / 1984 / Orwell, George  

Outer Banks: lights out / Sheinmel, Alyssa 

Silver in the bone / Bracken, Alexandra 

Stranger Things / Rebel Robin / Capetta

The Box in the Woods/ Book 4/Truly Devious / Johnson, Maureen 

The exceptions / Zernike, Kate

The summer I turned pretty / Han, Jenny 

The Vanishing Stair /Book 2/ Truly Devious / Johnson, Maureen 


A Man Called Otto

The whale  

Whitney Houston: I wanna dance with somebody 

80 For Brady

Magic Mike's Last Dance