Parkland Day

Join in on the fun and celebrate Parkland Day with us on March 9th. Save the date!

Parade starts at 10 a.m. All other activities will start as early as 4 p.m. We will have games, rides, a food court, live music, and more.

For more information, contact the P-REC at (954)757-4105.


80's Music -  Rubixx 


History of Parkland Day

The first known Parkland Day celebration occurred in 1967 when Mrs. Betty Bell, a local artist and two-term commissioner, held an event to show horses on her 2-1/2 acre property located on Trotters Lane near 87th Avenue. Two years later, the event would be held by Harold Bockhold on his 10 acre property in the Ranches. The event grew, with the help of volunteer efforts, to include classic games such as barrel riding, apple bobbing, egg balance, cake or pie walks, and horse contests. 

It wasn't until 1973, when Bockhold, the then mayor, acquired the land on the corner of 84th Avenue and Holmberg Road, establishing the first park for the City of Parkland which we now know as the Parkland Equestrian Center at Temple Park. For years to come, Parkland Day grew, with the addition of stage performances, live music, food, and games. However, at the center of each of these events, was the continuation of Parkland's community efforts to keep our neighborly, hometown feel a central aspect of each Parkland Day.