Hurricane Resources

Hurricane Resources

Emergency Information Resources

The City of Parkland has created this page to keep its residents informed in the event of an emergency. In the event of an actual emergency, local residents can refer to this page for official updates on hurricane recovery efforts as well as instructions on debris removal and utility restoration. Topics include:

Storm Preparation Information

Hurricanes are among nature's most powerful forces, bringing destructive winds, tornadoes, and floods from torrential rains and ocean storm surges. In recent years, advances in how we predict and track these storms have improved preparedness and saved lives, but people living in hurricane-prone areas still must be prepared. Developing a family disaster plan, creating a disaster supply kit, filling your prescriptions, and staying aware of current weather situations is critical. You should plan to be self-sufficient with enough ice, water, and food for your household for at least 72 hours after a storm.

Special Needs Shelters

If you have a special medical need, you are encouraged to pre-register for Broward County's Special Needs Shelter. You can also pre-register for transportation to the shelter. Both registrations should be in advance and before a storm threatens. If you need transportation to your assigned location, make arrangements in advance as part of the Special Needs shelter application process. Transportation is coordinated by Broward County Paratransit or the Office of Medical Examiner and Trauma Services, depending on your level of need. Before completing the application, please review the Special Needs Shelter and Evacuation Transportation Program Overview (PDF).


Many residents are able to safely shelter at home in the event of a hurricane. However, some residents are required to evacuate their homes. During an emergency, shelters are opened as needed. If you live in an evacuation zone, consider your alternatives before you decide to go to a shelter. Certain shelters are designated as pet-friendly. View more information on what types of pets are accepted and supplies you should bring to care for your pet.

Additional Agencies Offering Hurricane Assistance

Storm Watch Updates

Utility Restoration Information

Important Phone Numbers

  • Police and Fire Rescue Services Life Safety Emergencies: 9-1-1
  • Police and Fire Rescue Services Non-Emergency City, Police, or Fire - For problems that require a routine response. This number puts you in contact with personnel in the Parkland Public Safety Building: 954.753.5050
  • Non-Emergency City Business Hours: 954.757.4119
  • Non-Emergency City After Hours: 954.753.9784
  • Wildlife Sightings - Wildlife Society: 954.524.4302
  • Broward County Emergency Operations Hurricane Hotline: 954.831.3900