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City of Parkland Farmers' Market 2023-2024 Season Application


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    1. City of Parkland Farmers Market Application 2023-2024


    2. Vendor *
    3. Vendor Type*
    4. Preferred Payment Type*
    5. Will You be Cooking On-Site?*
    6. Market Dates ($65 Each Date) *

      Check all dates you would like to attend.

    7. Please list all products you intend to sell at the City of Parkland Farmers’ Market. Vendors may only sell those items that are pre-approved on this application. Vendors will be required to remove unauthorized items from their booth and may be denied future participation at the Market. Products not in keeping with the mission of the Market or that are deemed not “family friendly” are prohibited. Vendors requesting the “Farmer/Grower” category must attest that their products are grown or raised by them. The City of Parkland must approve any new items before they are sold.
    8. The undersigned does forever discharge, release and hold harmless the City of Parkland and all other agents of and from any and all manner of actions, suits, damages of claims whatsoever arising from any loss of damage to the person or property while in the possession or supervision of the City of Parkland Farmers’ Market and hereby consents to the enforcement of all rules of the Farmers’ Market as set out in the Operations Manual.