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Posted on: June 4, 2020

2020 Census

2020 Census

What is the 2020 Census?

The census is a head count of every person living in the United States. To be sure the government represents the people, the U.S. Constitution requires a population count every 10 years. Your response helps guide planning for the future of Parkland. The 2020 Census will help inform decisions on how billions of dollars are allocated locally. Participating in the census is required by law. Each home has received an invitation to respond to a short questionnaire—online, by phone, or by mail. For more information about the 2020 Census, visit

Why is this important for Parkland?

  • The census provides critical data that lawmakers, business owners, teachers, and many others use to provide daily services, products, and support for you and Parkland.
  • Your response helps to direct billions of dollars in federal funds to local communities for schools, roads, and other public services.
  • Results from the 2020 Census will be used to determine the number of seats each state has in Congress and your political representation at all levels of government.

How can I respond to the Census?

The 2020 Census is happening now. You can complete your questionnaire online, by phone, or by mail. Visit to complete the 2020 Census questionnaire. The questionnaire will take about 10 minutes to complete.