Drive-in Movie

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Saturday, January 26, 2019
6:00 PM 
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Frequently Asked Questions 

 Your safety is our number one priority. Please drive carefully and watch for children. The speed limit is 5 MPH. Report any unsafe conditions to any staff member or security officer. 

Q. How much does it cost?

A. The City of Parkland is proud to host the Winter Drive-In Movie free of charge to our community. There is no entry fee or ticket required to attend.

Q. What movie is being shown?
A. Small Foot

Q. What time does the movie start?
A. The movie will start at approximately 6:00pm, we wait for the sun to fully set before the screen becomes completely visible. Gates will open at 4:30pm for guests to begin parking.

Q. If I come early, will I get a better spot?
A. No. Gates open at 4:30pm, at that time we will begin parking cars in pre-measured rows. We work hard to park cars in a way that makes sure everyone has a great view of the screen.

Q. How does parking work?
A. Upon arrival, each car will be directed to a specific row. You are able to pull in front facing or rear facing (ex. the bed of a truck facing the screen is rear-facing). There will be enough space behind each row should a car need to leave early and for emergency vehicles.
Q. Can I save car spots for my friends or family once I arrive?
A. No, we cannot save spots for cars that are not there. We recommend meeting up at a central location before coming to the movie so you will be in line together, and thus parked closer to each other.

Q. Can I drive my golf cart?
A. Sorry, only cars and bikes will be permitted.

Q. Can I bring my own food, drinks and snacks?
A. Yes, there will be free popcorn provided while supplies last, but you are welcome to bring other food and drinks. No alcohol is allowed in the park.

Q. Can I sit outside of my car in a lawn chair or on a blanket?
A. You are welcome to sit outside your vehicle in a lawn chair or on a blanket. There will be limited space close to the movie screen as well.

Q. How do I hear the movie?
A. We broadcast sound through our own FM frequencies. You will need to have a working car radio or boom box. There are also speakers for the movie closer to the screen.

Q. How big is the screen?
A. It is over three stories tall! 33ft high and 40ft wide 

Q. Can I bring my pets?
A. Sorry, no pets are allowed in the park for this event.

Q. Who do we contact for more information?
A. You can call 954-757-4105 for more information 

Q. In the event of a rain-out how will the public be informed?
A. In the event of a rain-out, we will inform the public via social media on the City of Parkland’s Facebook page as well as on our website at
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