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Project Updates in the City of Parkland


Following an online resident vote on conceptual designs for the center feature of the roundabout, a fountain feature was selected to dovetail with the entrance to PGCC. This roundabout will blend nicely with the surrounding area and will eliminate the three-way stop intersection. It is expected that traffic will flow more easily through this area as a result of the addition of this roundabout. Learn more about the roundabout at University Drive and Old Club Road.


The Falls at Parkland is a new community under development immediately west of Parkside Drive and immediately south of Lox Road. As a condition of developing the community, Ryan Homes / Parkland Centerline was required to extend Hillsboro Boulevard west of Parkside Drive. Along this stretch of Hillsboro Boulevard is a roundabout at Hillsboro’s intersection with a new street, Everglades Way. Learn more about the roundabout at Hillsboro Boulevard and Everglades Way.

This roundabout is located along the extended portion of Hillsboro Boulevard. Ryan Homes / Parkland Centerline is the developer of The Falls at Parkland and was required as a condition of development to construct an extension of Hillsboro Boulevard. That extension runs from the approximate northwestern corner of Terramar Park west along the south side of the Chabad of Parkland, intersects Parkside Drive at a four-way stop, and continues into The Falls at Parkland. The intersection of Hillsboro Boulevard and Loxahatchee Road permanently closed in January 2020.


The City of Parkland (City) adopted a City-wide plan for street lighting in 2013. Since then the City, along with Florida Power and Light (FPL) and Broward County, has undertaken several street lighting projects. All street light projects require Broward County approval and the City must follow a multi-step process. First the City must oversee design of the underground infrastructure and light pole locations, then the City obtains authorization from Broward County, and then installation of underground infrastructure takes place.

Once the underground infrastructure is in place, FPL develops an agreement with the City to install and turn on the lights, then FPL orders the necessary materials, they submit a Maintenance of Traffic plan to Broward County for approval, they obtain a permit from Broward County, and then FPL begins installing light polls. For a map of past and future street light projects, click here.


The reconstruction of Loxahatchee Road is a large-scale collaboration between the City of Parkland, Broward County, the Broward Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO), and the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT). The project will span Loxahatchee Road from State Road 7 / U.S. Highway 441 to the water conservation area and, at this time, is expected to begin sometime in 2023. View information about Loxahatchee road improvements.


This project would provide a secondary storm water drainage system to allow for drainage during a large rain or storm event. This  would help alleviate flooding that now occurs in The Ranches after a storm or heavy rain. The City of Parkland (City) had a survey conducted of the area and worked with North Springs Improvement District (NSID) on a model of the drainage system. NSID was unable to process the permitting for this area, so the City has designated this area as a part of the upcoming citywide Storm Water Master Plan (SWMP). The SWMP will evaluate the current City storm water level of service and provide recommendations for implementation of policies, strategies, and a prioritized improvement program that addresses the City’s current and future needs. It is anticipated the SWMP will be complete by the end of Summer 2021.    


This project is on approximately 2.9 acres along the north side of Holmberg Road and immediately east of the current Covered Bridge Park. The area has been overrun by invasive exotic vegetation not native to Florida that hinders healthy growth of native species of trees and foliage. The first phase of this project, took place in October 2019 and included removing those invasive species from the area. During this process, living native trees were left and only dead or invasive vegetation was removed. View information about Covered Bridge Park.

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