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This page is updated regularly to provide Parkland residents with timely and accurate information regarding on-going capital improvement projects. For additional information on any project, please contact the City Engineering Department at 954-757-4165.

Page Updated 12/13/18

All projects to be completed with LED fixtures

North of Heron Bay to W. Hillsboro Boulevard
W. Hillsboro Boulevard to Loxahatchee Road
FPL has begun pole installation. The project was delayed due to field pole relocation due to utility conflicts and to improve the aesthetics of the location of the pole. Staff is coordinating with FPL on an anticipated re-start date.
Holmberg Road to Loxahatchee Road

FPL has commenced the installation of poles. The project was delayed due to field pole relocation due to utility conflicts and to improve the aesthetics of the location of the pole. Work is scheduled for completion by early January.

Nob Hill Road to University Drive

 Lighting construction start date TBD.
Nob Hill Road to University Drive
Lighting construction start date TBD.

NW 66th Drive to Nob Hill Road
Lighting construction start date TBD.

The City of Parkland Library is currently housed in a 13,200 square foot facility at the Parkland Municipal Complex.  Work is underway to redesign the facility by adding a wing to the existing building.  The wing will add approximately 7,000 square feet to the program space.  This addition  will provide a separate space for children and families and a multi-purpose program area.  The City Commission awarded the design to the architectural firm of Williamson Dacar Associates, Inc.  Commission awarded the construction to Di Pompeo Construction Corp. Construction has commenced and is expected to be completed by winter of 2019.
The reconstruction of Loxahatchee Road (Lox) is a large-scale collaboration between the City of Parkland (City), Broward County, the Broward Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO), and the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT).  The project will span Lox from US 441/State Road 7 (SR 7) to the water conservation area.

This project will, in effect, be a complete makeover of the road through its entire span.  Travel lanes will be widened to 11', there will be bike lanes in both directions, a sidewalk along the south side of the road, and much of the roadway will have a landscaped median that will not only provide traffic calming, but will add a Parkland feel to the road.  Additionally, there will be street lights atop cement utility poles all the way from SR 7 to the west end of Lox.

The vision is to create a safe, bright aesthetically-pleasing passage from east to west in Parkland. A public hearing was held August 30, 2018.  City staff is working with all involved agencies to ensure the project stays on track. The City has recently been made aware by the FDOT that the start date for the project has been delayed due to changes in funding. The project time line has now been shifted and the new letting/construction proceed date is August 2022. The City is aggressively coordinating with the MPO and FDOT to understand the long term impacts of the funding deficit as well as communication format as a result of these changes. The City is directly not in control of the funding or project administration, however the intent is to continue discussions with these agencies in order to find a solution if on exists.
This project involves the expansion of Fire Station 42 approximately 300 square feet for the purpose of adding two (2) additional bunks and a bathroom. The City Commission awarded the design to Keith & Associates at the January 31st Commission meeting. The concept has been submitted and approved. Project to be advertised in October 2018 and then awarded for construction in January 2019.

CITY HALL BUILDING DEPARTMENT EXPANSION                                                                            
This project involves the expansion of the existing building space for an additional 3,000 square feet. The expansion, once complete, will accommodate additional space for the Building Department in addition to space for the City's record retention files. Commission awarded the construction to Lynx Construction Management. Construction has commenced and is expected to be completed by the end of 2018. 

RANCHES DRAINAGE                                                                            
This project involves providing a secondary stormwater drainage system that will allow for drainage relief during a large rainfall and storm event. This secondary system would help alleviate the current flooding condition throughout the Ranches development. The City had a survey conducted of the area and is working with NSID on a model of the drainage system.

HILLSBORO BOULEVARD TRAFFIC SIGNAL                                                                            
Broward County has performed a warrant analysis at the Hillsboro Boulevard and Nob Hill Road intersection and determined that a signal is warranted. The City has begun coordinating with the County for implementation of the signal installation. The design of the signal is underway.

HOLMBERG ROAD BEAUTIFICATION/INVASIVE REMOVAL                                                                            
This project involves the removal of exotic invasive vegetation and improvement of the streetscape on Holmberg Road from Riverside Drive to US 441. The design for Phase 1 of the project encompasses the northwest corner of Holmberg and US 441. The design is scheduled to be awarded at the December 19 City Commission meeting.  

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