Environmental Work Plan

2015 Environmental Work Plan

The Environmental Division is tasked with the management of natural areas within the City of Parkland. The challenges incorporated in resource management of these sites are both ecological and social, in that, these natural areas must be restored and maintained for their ecological function and must also provide education and awareness by way of public use. Protecting these urban natural areas not only contributes to the conservation of biological diversity and cultural resources, but also provides valuable opportunities for human enjoyment. Scientifically based planning provides the only alternative for meeting the multiple demands that society places on protected urban natural areas. A scientific framework also provides consistency to the planning and management process through time and staff changes. The public deserves good decisions regarding the conservation of what will be the green space heritage of future generations. It is important to recognize that resource management is a long term commitment to restoring and maintaining the ecological integrity of the sites, while providing opportunities for quality human enjoyment. The Environmental Work Plan, through planning and environmentally sound practices, strives to meet the challenges of conserving the ecological integrity of open space in urban and urbanizing landscapes and fulfilling the wants and needs of the community.