Strategic Planning

Strategic Information Plan

The Strategic Information Plan for the City of Parkland identifies seven key strategic issues that the city must address in order to collect, manage, distribute, and use information effectively. These seven issue areas include:

Strategic Goals

  • Services: Provide information that facilitates public interaction with city government, helps policymakers reach informed decisions, and enables city departments to operate more efficiently and effectively.
  • Efficiency: Create and organizational structure, information systems, and beneficial partnerships that will allow the city to derive maximum advantage from available information at the lowest possible cost.
  • Organization: Increase efficiency and coordination in the development and maintenance of information policy and technology systems by creating well-defined roles, and identifying clear lines of authority and accountability.
  • Personnel Resources: Design and implement a flexible and responsive system for hiring and retaining personnel that will create an efficient and effective match between Information Technology (I.T.) staffing resources and rapidly changing I.T. needs.
  • Physical Assets: Develop, preserve, and extend the physical systems and infrastructure needed to support efficient storage, distribution, and use of important information.
  • Security: Implement systems and procedures that will protect valuable knowledge and information from external and internal risks and threats.
  • Change and Uncertainty: Manage change so as to maximize the benefits and minimize the adverse consequences resulting from rapid changes in information management and technology.