Roundabout on University Drive and Old Club Road

A 2018 City of Parkland (City) Citywide traffic study identified the three-way stop at the intersection of University Drive and Old Club Road as a point of concern for traffic back-up during rush hours. Since Broward County has to approve road improvements in Parkland, City staff ultimately coordinated with the County to add a roundabout at that intersection. This would serve to increase safety and improve traffic flow in an aesthetically pleasing way.

In 2020 the City negotiated and secured nearly $500,000 from Toll Brothers, the developer of Parkland Golf and Country Club (PGCC), to help finance the roundabout. Additionally, PGCC has agreed to assume the burden of long-term maintenance of all landscaping and the water feature in the center of the roundabout. These details serve to both provide the City a significant cost-savings and ensure a uniform look with the PGCC entrance—an important factor due to the proximity of that entrance to the roundabout.

There were two conceptual designs created for the roundabout center features and the City Commission unanimously approved the feature that was known as Concept Design #1 / Fountain. That concept had been overwhelmingly preferred by residents.

Construction began in June of 2021 and is expected to be completed by the end of 2021. At times this project may have significant impact on traffic.

In the month of September 2021, the roundabout will begin functioning while work is conducted on the center feature and landscaping. During that time, there will be temporary paint striping, arrows, and orange cones to assist motorists. Once that phase is complete, work will begin on splitter islands just north and south of the roundabout that will require flagpersons to direct traffic. Consideration is given throughout the process to select options for work that minimize adverse impact to traffic.

Conceptual design #1: fountain

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Roundabout geometry at the intersection of University Drive and Old Club Road

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