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Covered Bridge Passive Park Revised Conceptual Plan

This project is on approximately 2.9 acres along the north side of Holmberg Road and immediately east of Covered Bridge Park. The area has been overrun by invasive exotic vegetation not native to Florida that hinders healthy growth of native species of trees and foliage. The first phase of this project, which took place in October 2019, was to remove those invasive species from the area. During this process, living native trees were left and only dead or invasive vegetation was removed.

In this area that was previously thick wooded brush, there will ultimately be walkways, a connection with the covered bridge, a connection with the trail to Six Acre Wood Park, areas for friends to gatherer, nature areas, manicured open spaces, entry features, and a gated parking area that will be locked when the park is closed. The parking lot will not only serve the passive park, but will also, for the first time, provide parking that can be used for visitors to Covered Bridge Park and those who access the pathway that connects to Six Acre Wood Park.   

The City of Parkland (City) had a conceptual design which evolved as the City received feedback from residents and the actual design is currently underway.  The renderings on this page represent a close approximation of what the park will look like.  The park will not have bathrooms or lights and will be open only sunrise to sunset.  It will have a small, gated parking area accommodating approximately 10 vehicles.  Construction of this park is scheduled to begin approximately in the Spring of 2021.       

Covered Bridge Passive Park Perspective View
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