Hillsboro Boulevard Extension

The Falls at Parkland is a 55+ community that has started development just west of Parkside Drive and immediately south of Loxahatchee Road. The developer, Ryan Homes/Parkland Centerline, is required as a condition of development to construct an extension of Hillsboro Boulevard that will feed into the Falls at Parkland. That extension will run from the existing Hillsboro Boulevard along the south side of Chabad of Parkland, intersect Parkside Drive at a four-way stop, and continue west into the Falls at Parkland. Currently the developer is clearing the area immediately west of Parkside Drive in preparation for the construction of the Hillsboro Boulevard extension.
Map of area to be cleared

As this is a developer’s project, not a City project, we will update this page as information becomes available. Additionally, this project may from time-to-time impact traffic, please exercise caution when traveling through the area.