Virtual Programming

#-P-A-R-K-L-A-N-D-P-R-O-U-D Letter Project:

The #ParklandProud Letter Project is an activity for our community to connect virtually. The final product is to show our community that we are #ParklandProud!

Submission Dates: May 25th - June 12th

How to Participate:

1. Email a “Letter of Interest” and fillable Photo Release form to: Kristia Green, Parks and Recreation Administrative Assistant, at

2. You will then receive a “letter”, via email, confirming your participation. (Ex: “P” or “A”).

3. Once you receive your “letter”, print and decorate.

4. Remember to be creative!

5. Take a picture holding your artwork, fill out and attach the photo release form (click here for the form) and email it back to

6. Submission deadline is Friday, June 12th by 5:00pm.

Things to Consider:

-One letter per person

-One photo per person (no group photos)

-Make sure the letter is visible

-No age restrictions

The Big Reveal:

Visit the City of Parkland Parks and Recreation’s web page, to view the new “Collage of the Week”, every Wednesday.

We are the City of Parkland Parks and Recreation and we are #ParklandProud!

Parkland Coloring/Drawing Contest:

The Parkland Coloring/Drawing Contest is a fun project for Parkland students to share their skills with our community. The winner of each group will be displayed on our website.

Submission Dates: June 1st - June 19th

Click here for the Coloring/Drawing picture.

How to Participate:

1. K - 4th Grade students will print the picture and “color”.

2. 5th - 8th Grade students will “draw” and color the picture. (No tracing)

3. Please include the name and grade of each student on the finished artwork.

4. Email artwork to Aimee Robles, Youth Program Specialist, at

5. Submission deadline is June 19th by 5:00pm.

Things to Consider:

-Judged on creativity

-One Coloring Winner

-One Drawing Winner

-5th – 8th must hand draw the picture provided

The Big Reveal:

The winners for our Parkland Coloring/Drawing Contest are:

Greyson from kindergarten and Paisley from 2nd grade, below are the winning submissions. 

Greyson - Kindergarten
Paisley-Second Grade