Registration and Calendar for Library Events and Classes


July 20-22  Used Book Fair
July 20   Kids’ Coloring
July 22   Potluck Social and Recipe Exchange
July 22   Afternoon Film & Discussion: A Street Cat Named Bob
July 24   Arts, Books and Culture Discussion Group
July 25   Peaceful Pieces Jigsaw Puzzle Meetup (adults)
July 26   “Black Mirror” Screening & Discussion
July 27   Tiny Tots Social Time (age 9 months to 4 years)
July 27   Building with Lincoln Logs (ages 4-7) class full
July 31   Bricks ‘N’ Books (age 6 and up)


August 2   National Coloring Book Day (age 3 and up)
August 3   Adult Craft: Rock Painting
August 4   “Build a Better World” Teen End-of-Summer Laser Tag Bash (middle & high school)
August 5   SAT Test Simulation
August 7   Knit 'n' Knowledge
August 7   Kids’ Craft: Rock Painting (age 5 and up)
August 8   End-of-Summer Luau
August 9   Art Class: Drawing Household Objects (adults & teens)
August 9  Bricks ‘N’ Books (age 6 and up)
August 10-12 Used Book Fair
August 10  Stories and S’mores (age 3 and up)
August 12  Best Book Brunch
August 12  Writing Buddies (K-5th grade)
August 14  Crafternoon at the Library (age 3 and up)
August 15  Adult Coloring Book Art
August 15  Game Squad (age 7 and up)
August 16  Back to School Stories (age 5 and up)
August 16  Teen Writers Roundtable (middle school & high school kids)
August 17  Building with Lincoln Logs (ages 4-7)
August 19  ACT Test Simulation
August 19  Afternoon Film & Discussion: Hello, My Name is Doris
August 21  Arts, Books and Culture Discussion Group
August 22  Peaceful Pieces Jigsaw Puzzle Meetup (adults)
August 24  Tiny Tots Social Time (age 9 months to 4 years)
August 29  “The Art of the Mystery: What Evil Lurks?” with speaker Dr. Margery Marcus